Mārcis Riba – restaurant Burga: a place with stable values

October 5th, 2018

Recently, different kinds of cafes, bars and restaurants have appeared in the neighbourhood of Vesetas Street, but there are also some long-time residents among them. Such as the restaurant and bar Burga at Dzirnavu Street, which has been delighting visitors with its great food and atmosphere for 8 years already.

Mārcis Riba, the owner of the restaurant and bar Burga says that the place has become popular among a great variety of people and this is the basic idea – to cover as wide and diverse audience as possible. The restaurant is suitable for both – sports fans, who like to keep up with major sporting events, and also people who want to have a peaceful dinner or come on a date, which is not rare at Burga.

Mārcis also acknowledges that perhaps many do not even suspect the story of the restaurant name – it originates from the word “Burga”, which people have used in the past to denote the space where fraternities kept beer.

Mārcis describes the surroundings of Vesetas Street as a perfect example of how the city is expanding and developing – if we remember this area several years ago, there were hardly any entertainment options here. But now the district has gained prestige of its own, and Burga can call itself one of the long-term residents of this neighbourhood, which has maintained its stable values.