Elīna Frankēvica: The Visual and Practical are Balanced in Perfect Harmony in 26VESETAS Design

November 4th, 2016

Elīna Frankēvica, interjera dizainere

Elīna Frankēvica, Interior Designer

The design and the set of processes it consists of have always been the call of my life. I treat the creation of the living space interior design with great responsibility, as I am creating an indispensable part of an individual’s everyday life – his/her private space, a place where one can seek aesthetic fulfilment. Usually, I get ideas, inspired from the trends topical at that particular moment, and combine them with classic, tested things.

An indispensable part of 26VESETAS is a special design. This place stands out with its individuality. Therefore, I see its dweller as a person with a creative perception and lifestyle, able to see beyond the acceptable and usual – in composition, colours, materials…

The leading motif of 26VESETAS design – functionalism – is manifested in a harmonic visual and practical combination. It is a practical design created by giving up the unnecessary and making the beautiful and individual stand out.