Restaurant TERRA – a Never-ending Journey of Tastes

November 17th, 2016

26Vesetas, Ilze Megne

Ilze Megne, Owner of Restaurants TERRA

Our restaurant is favoured by people who keep track of their menu, taking care to include all the required nutrients. We are one of the restaurants that is richest in vitamins – around 80% of our offer is vegetables. Each customer can combine his/her meal, adapting it to his/her taste and diet – this is what makes us special. If people cannot come to us, we go to them, offering home deliveries.

Our vicinity is characterised as growing and in constant development. We have a very advantageous location which is easy to get to both on foot and by car. Disregarding the fact that the distance to the heart of the city is so short, here we do not have the crowdedness characteristic of the urban environment.