Ivo Erdmanis: Noa Bootcamp – Boost of Energy for the Entire Day

November 17th, 2016

26Vesetas, Ivo Erdmanis

Ivo Erdmanis, Instructor and Founder of Noa Bootcamp

Noa Bootcamp offers high and medium intensity classes of general and special training. The training includes athletic exercises, track-and-field athletics, boxing, rowing and crossfit. The variety of disciplines make each training session unique, thus we do not become bored.

I founded Noa Bootcamp four years ago aiming at joining people of different ages and fitness levels and raising interest in sports and an active, healthy lifestyle in general. Our classes take place both outdoors and indoors, six times a week, and are also suitable for those in a rush for work, as we are working out not only at nights but also early in the mornings, thus getting a charge of positive energy for the entire day at work.

Our vicinity is sporty, friendly and easy to get to – you do not have to use any means of transport, can save on transport costs and what is more essential – without losing your time in traffic jams. Free parking spaces are also available.