Mārcis Šakausks: 26VESETAS Dweller Enjoys the ‘Here and Now’ Atmosphere

November 4th, 2016

Mārcis Šakausks, interjera dizainers

Mārcis Šakausks, Interior designer

I am an interior designer, a translation tool in the story of personalities, desires, possibilities and other compromises, that is called space. I have been on this exciting adventure for 16 years already.

When creating the interior design of 26Vesetas apartments, I considered three components – location, architecture and aura of the city. By putting them all into a big pot of ideas and adding one’s own specific taste, a new interior design is born. My job is done at that moment, and the rest depends on the dweller of the space. He/she should continue this idea, by exploring the new territory and improving it with his/her own added value. I see a dweller of 26VESETAS as an educated and farseeing person who is good at making wise investments with taste. He/she likes urbanism, and enjoys the atmosphere of ‘here and now’. Besides, when choosing 26VESETAS as his/her living space, he/she definitely chooses more than apartment, also indicating his/her belonging to the community – a group of like-minded people.

I believe a design is functional when it is self-sufficient and sustainable. It functions logically, can be easily acquired and comfortable to use.