City Bar Vest – We are like a Family

November 17th, 2016

26Vesetas, Rihards Onzuls

Rihards Onzuls, Head of City Bar Vest

The city Bar Vest is located in the territory of the former beer plant, and as life inside the building changes, so does the surrounding environment. Here the old and the new meet – new projects attracting new people emerge among centenarian buildings. I believe Vest added a new breath to the vicinity – a visit to Vest has become an indispensable part of the everyday ritual of many local people. Some people cannot start their day without our espresso, others use Vest as an office, and some others like to watch the city rhythm from our terrace. Our ascetic, laconic style makes everybody feel comfortable – be it a president, artist or student. New friendships are born here and the existing ones become stronger. We are like a family.

This environment is very functional and versatile, here we have schools and kindergartens, a theatre and hospital, and, of course, pubs and cafés. In our opinion, this is a perfect cradle for new and active people and families they are making.