Children’s Health Centre – all Specialists under One Roof

November 9th, 2016

Vaira Kaziniece, “Bērnu veselības centrs” vadītāja

Vaira Kaziniece, Head of the Children’s Health Centre

Our pride is our specialists who can find an individual approach to each little patient, as each of them is unique. Parents take their children both for consultations and preventive treatment, as well as for rehabilitation. It is comfortable for the parents, as all the best specialists – neurologists, otolaryngologists, ophthalmologist, physiotherapists, audio-speech therapists and many others – are at the same location. It is a stylishly designed environment safe for children, not resembling the traditional out-patient clinic atmosphere. Many of our services are state subsidised, besides, children with special needs also feel comfortable at the health centre.

Our vicinity is peaceful and safe, thus it is especially child-friendly. If both parents are at work, older children can come to us unaccompanied. It is easy to get to the Children Health Centre by public transport or on foot. The visitors of our Centre especially appreciate the free parking