Valdis Lapins: Riga Hanza Secondary School – School Developing in Pace with the Growing Neighbourhood

November 4th, 2016

26Vesetas, Valdis Lapiņš

Valdis Lapiņš, Principal of Riga Hanza Secondary School

In my opinion, a modern school should comply with the following requirements: have easy access, a high-quality teaching process and versatile extracurricular activities. Our school is developing based on these principles. We are proud of our swimming-pool, student improvisation theatre, choir and dance group. Students are actively using our state-of-the-art football field, and at late hours it is available to everybody who is interested.

This vicinity is comfortable for parents and safe for students. It has good pavements, a versatile transport network and cyclist-friendly streets. It is so unusual for a central location that you can go by car to the door of almost every building, and students can go to school by bikes, leaving them at the spacious bicycle parking area at the school.