Elektrum Olympic Centre – House where Sports Live

November 16th, 2016

26 Vesetas Zane Grundina-Araja

Zane Grundiņa-Arāja, Member of the Board of Elektrum Olympic Centre

We live with a belief that we are a house where sports live. Our neighbours like us, as we are visited by around 4000 people in a day and we are quiet and peaceful at night. Our visitors are determined sportsmen. They come both to do indoor sports and actively use our vicinity that is especially favoured by runners. At Elektrum Olympic Centre, people can swim, do weightlifting, work out in groups, play team ball-games – do 27 types of sports overall.

Talking about the vicinity – it is always slightly windy here, and the vicinity itself is in movement, just like the wind. We are not in the very heart of the centre, but a contemporary-minded person feels comfortable here – we have schools, kindergartens, and a mall nearby, as well as Arena Riga is in a very close neighbourhood. Moreover, in just 10 minutes you are at the Daile Theatre. To sum it up, we are a green, sportive and industrial business environment and a peaceful dwelling district at the same time.